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…and jumpsuits on caddies, Bright Sunday mornings, and golfing with Paddy. Long cardboard boxes from Mizuno and Ping, Here are a few of my favorite things: Allyson tells me I’m no fun to shop for.  She’s probably right, and it’s my own fault.  When it comes to my interests in life–golf and books–my tastes are […]

Flat.  Wet.  Chockablock with condos and meandering cart rides between screened-in back porches.  Spongy lies, shallow ponds, baffling Bermuda greens, and long lines of golf buggies at the first tee, scores of snow-dodgers ready to shuffle their way through six hours of sunburn because it’s better than January in Wisconsin.  And what else are you […]

With golf’s greatest team event on the horizon, in which the fortunate few test their talents and guts on an international stage for golf immortality–I’m talking about the Coyne Cup, of course–I visited with one of this year’s Ryder Cup captains, seeking counsel for my own upcoming captaincy of Team Coyne versus the coddled and […]

Coyne Cup fever is ramping up as we count down to the showdown between Team Coyne and Team Paddy in Mayo, Ireland this September.  In preparation for the drafting of our two sides, Captain Paddy sent out a questionnaire to our 44 participants in the hopes of getting to know the talent pool a little […]

My golf life–so, my life in general–started with a junior clinic at Rolling Green Golf Club in Springfield, Pennsylvania.  I had no interest in golf until the age of eight or so (by today’s standards, a hopelessly late start).  In fact, I felt hostile toward this placid pastime–it robbed the TV from me on the […]

I have taken some deserved guff from indignant linksters for saying that there are no true links golf courses in my home country.  I know I should have been saying that there were no genuine links, but I have not been to Bandon yet, nor have I sampled the nine-holer on Cape Cod, both regarded […]