2 thoughts on “A Course Called Scotland | Tom Coyne

  1. The most important thing is that the book is so beautifully wordsmithed. And as a minor character in it and as I enter the Fall or maybe the even the Winter of my years, being part of this project was nothing short of a Spiritual experience. Hanging with the crazy and cool Tom Coyne was one of the craziest and coolest times of a fabulously well lived life. No one will ever be able to take from me the joy and the adventure of the NW Scottish Highlands, golf in places most can only dream of, and friendships made and bonded that can only happen in a foreign country. This whole thing was a Testament: to getting of the sofa and going… and doing. #onceinalifetime #iloveyouman


  2. I finished the book a few days ago. I’m headed back to Fife in April for a rematch with TOC, Carnoustie and Kingsbarn. But I envy your experiences in the Northwest.. From my first trip, I developed an appreciation for the smaller courses like Crail, Lundin and Panmure. I understand the fall of our years. I hope I have the time and energy to try part of the Highlands. Sounds sublime. Your time with Mr Coyne must have been incredible. What an adventure. And from all of us, thanks for linking him up with Augusta National. He deserved it.

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