Of Birds and Bogeymen

I love Legends Magazine out of Kiawah Island–their assignments are always interesting, or they give me the freedom to explore an interest and pick at a curiosity, as in the below essay.  Impress your foursome with your annoying mastery of golf’s vernacular via this quick guide to the words we play by:


2 thoughts on “Of Birds and Bogeymen

  1. Tom,

    Thanks for forwarding. Enjoyed and learned a few things from your essay.

    Have you played the Ocean Course at Kiawah? Great course, but can be challenging with a stiff breeze. But hey, regardless of what may be wind blown results on the course, following your round they do serve excellent Margaritas on the deck of the Ryder Cup Lounge overlooking the 18th green–a perfect way to tally the day’s scores.




  2. Nice writing, I had heard the Pär and birdie references but not the bogeyman.

    Good stuff from a former 🐻 bear!

    Scott Wilson, PGA Director of Golf Streamsong Resort 863.428.1000


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