New 9 hole links at the Carne Golf Links

The Carne Golf Links

If I’m ever accused of riding John Garrity’s coattails or cribbing from his links insights, I would be happy to be mentioned in such company.  Garrity is one of the golf writers who, in my unsolicited opinion, really gets it when it comes to golf courses.  He ranks Carne and Askernish as tied-first atop his list of the best tracks in the world (remote Irish and Scottish links respectively), and I cannot echo these sentiments loudly enough.  Both top of the pops for me, too.

(For the record, I gushed over Carne before I knew John had written a wonderful book about the place–Ancestral Links–and I didn’t know Askernish was his world T1 course until after I had visited it this summer and decided to make it a central setting of my upcoming book, A Course Called the Kingdom).

We are two traveling golfers of a like mind when it comes to Carne, and this video essay of his sums up my own feelings about the place, and explains why Carne in Belmullet will be the centerpiece of the upcoming Coyne Cup.  I hope this new video sends you to this far-flung corner of my ancestors’ home county of Mayo, and perhaps inspires you to come visit as part of Team Coyne or Team Paddy the Caddy this September.

2 thoughts on “Carne-ies

  1. Tom, it’s pretty clear that we were separated at birth, either by Eamon Mangan or Ralph Thompson. Thanks for the kind words about Ancestral Links. I can’t wait to read A Course Called the Kingdom.

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  2. Hi Tom – Huge fan as I’ve read / seen everything you’ve put out on the topic of golf. We’ve exchanged emails in the past. I understand that you were in Abaco this past weekend and met my good friends Brion Bailey and Chris Doran. Hopefully we’ll get to connect in person one of these days. I believe Brion may have invited you to join us out at Congressional. That would be a treat. Best, Jon


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