Month: July 2015

I wouldn’t trade gigs with many people.  Ru Macdonald, ambassador of all things Scottish golf and host of the Scottish Golf Podcast, might be one of few.  I’d definitely do the deal if it came with Ru’s youth–for his twenty or so years, I don’t think there’s a better known or connected golf lad in […]

If you have followed this blog or my social media posts, you’ll know I’m not spoiling the ending of A Course Called the Kingdom by telling you that I am writing this Open week post from a rainy Philadelphia.  For all my golf around the United Kingdom, searching out my best golf and the secret […]

I recently read an article describing the words one should eliminate from their lexicon in order to sound more intelligent.  “Amazing” made the list, which left me wondering how dumb my notes from Scotland currently sound, and had me building a list of handy superlative synonyms–stunning, stupefying, brain-blowing, bonkers.  It’s the challenge of a story […]