Edinburgh Calling

The die is cast, the gauntlet thrown down, the Titleist marked with two gold dots.  The map is now updated with dates, routes, and nine more courses (many thanks to all of you who sent along suggestions for courses I left off my original list).  The final tally:

81 courses

10 flights

7 ferry rides

57 days

Over/under 100 golf balls

Weather, livestock, and member tournaments will likely have their way with this itinerary and prove where the best laid schemes of mice and men go.  But this is the aim and ambition.

Now I turn the challenge to you and your itinerant golfing friends.  This map is crowded with plenty of golf; it now needs to be populated with people.  Please check out the map (click on the courses for dates) and plan on joining me for a round or ten.  I will be joined by family in St. Andrews and East Fife where we are dropping anchor for two weeks, but I will need companions for the rest of the way around.  Bad golfers encouraged to come along–they are funnier in print.  I can offer you free golf and immortalizing in the book (after you sign your life away a waiver).  Please do consider joining this story–it begins below:

4 thoughts on “Edinburgh Calling

  1. Okay I also play for the shear thrill..the feeling of being alive…the silly positions my body gets in! …..the smells and the feeling of the land..I also have a great excuse of being too busy for mundane chores !..perhaps a bit of ego when I do something great!…the challenge within….and more….!

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  2. A valued lifetime friend once told me that in friendship there are no scorecards…sometimes you pay..sometimes you just play…my friend also teased the living bejesus?…out of me ..tickled me..supported me..goaded me on….laughed at me and laughed with me…golf IS my friend …I remember like an elephant so never keep paper record….more thoughts on my friend…GOLF later….stay on the sunny side..and if playing baseball always wear a cup! Cheers!


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