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I have been fortunate to visit dozens of golf clubs over the past few months, giving talks/rambles about golf and travel and promoting the Scotland book (thanks to all of you who have purchased, read, gifted, not borrowed A Course Called Scotland–the response to my latest links jaunt has been humbling).  I encounter a few […]

It is a popular axiom among golf’s disciples that the game reveals the true character of a person.  I like to believe in golf’s revelatory powers, though I have played plenty of golf with seemingly super guys who turned out to be skinflints and scamps off the course.  It’s possible to shade your shortcomings for […]

The week.  It’s that time of year when I ask my wife for an advance on all the good will of Father’s Day and my next birthday combined, aiming to eschew all fatherly responsibilities for four afternoons when I will retreat to my golficce to sit with laptop propped open on my gut, phone tuned […]

Histories were hatched and legends born last September in County Mayo at the inaugural Coyne Cup, where Team Paddy the Caddy survived a ferocious three-day donnybrook with Team Coyne, seizing golf travel’s most coveted crystal by their fingernails.  (If you were there,  you might question the veracity of this account and call it an Irish […]

Thanks to @MichaelClayto15 for posting this photograph on Twitter: There are many ways to recall and celebrate the King–all of them insufficient–but remembering him as a dog-lover captures some of his goodness and grace.  This photograph of Palmer and sidekick got me thinking: If golf with dog was okay with Arnie, why isn’t it acceptable […]